ATS Group


ATS NETS and ROPES PTY LTD has been the leading supplier of Twisted Ropes, PE Prawn and Scallop Netting and Sports Netting for 25 years. As Australia’s largest stockiest of quality ropes and nets we can offer you the best quality at the lowest prices. 



  • Stainless Steel Architectural Balustrade and Rigging Wire G316
  • Stainless Steel Chain  G304
  • Galvanized Chain 
    • Grade L  Anchor Chain
    • Regular Link
    • PWB Survey Lengths 
  • Large Range of Nets and Trawl Floats
  • Twines
    • Markwell PE Twisted Twines
    • Florida Keys Braided Twines
    • Venetian Blind Cord
    • Terry Pro Twine


  • Markwell Premium PE Netting & Cod Ends
  • THL Brown Prawn Netting
  • Markwell Braided Blue Netting
  • Sapphire HDPE Braided Netting
  • Dyneema Netting
  • Braided Black Scallop Netting & Cod Ends
  • Twisted Blue Scallop Netting & Cod Ends
  • Monofilament Netting
  • Markwell Sports Netting
  • A full range of custom made netting including:
    • Prawn
    • Scallop
    • Sports
    • Aquaculture

For convenience we have also included an online store that will be expanded over the
coming months that will offer a select range of  Ropes, Hardware, and Chandlery Items from
our extensive range. However if you have any queries or enquiries please don’t hesitate to
contact us either by phone fax or email.